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‘Marrakech’ by Ali Hussain

Marrakesh, Marrakech, however you spell it. So many spellbound by it, its souks, its splendour,  its overwhelming orangeness – I don’t have a clue regards its beauty as I arrive somewhere on its outskirts with the sun starting to fall. ‘Casablanca’, what with the association of a famous Hollywood movie, has a romantic twang to it but in reality is …

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‘Memory’ by Ali Hussain

Saturday, late afternoon. Out walking to a Danish harbour. And an afternoon last July walking a long street to my apartment in Krakow: I shop for groceries, take a stroll around the old town – a neat pirouette covering the giant mask statue, the fifthteenth century cloth hall, the immaculately standing St Mary’s Church, immaculate as a dream you’ve just …

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‘l’auto stop en Maroc’ by Ali Hussain

Casa I arrived in Casablanca in a stupor of hunger and lack of sleep, thinking about the heat, hoping for it to be intense. Actually I was thinking back to Karachi in the late nineties, the way the heat hit me as I stepped off the plane, the mosquitoes starting to bite once I was outside the terminal: but in …

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