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The NOMADS Manifesto – values of a traveler

By Ali Haytch Dear traveller, wanderer, journeyman, person of the road: You’ve seen so much, within and outside yourself, and you’ve felt a change. You keep asking yourself what you’re about, to remind yourself why you keep doing what you do; why you keep moving. To effect change for the better; to be conscious of the environment; to live in …

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‘Marrakech’ by Ali Hussain

Marrakesh, Marrakech, however you spell it. So many spellbound by it, its souks, its splendour,  its overwhelming orangeness – I don’t have a clue regards its beauty as I arrive somewhere on its outskirts with the sun starting to fall. ‘Casablanca’, what with the association of a famous Hollywood movie, has a romantic twang to it but in reality is …

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‘Roaming Oz – Part 1: Hitching’ by Emmanuel Marshall

…Yuuri is much cuter looking than me, so I get her to stick her thumb out, and sure enough she gets us a ride in about three minutes. The lady who stops for us is taking her kids home from school. “Hi, I’m Carol.  I’m not going very far, but if you don’t mind stopping off at my place on …

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