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Card Games and Kudos: Practicing My Durak-face in the Caucasus

By Iris Veldwijk In Belize, April 2014, I met an über-cool lady from Kazakhstan who grew up in Berlin and works in one of the hostels there. We were headed the same direction – south – and she had hitchhiked a couple of times before, so it stood to reason we join forces on our way from Hopkins to Punta …

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‘The Name is Illuminated’ by Xiao Wei – Part Two

A-Angkor Wat I have slept in many unconventional places, a school yard(Laos), an abandoned barn(Spain), strangers’ houses(Lithuania, Switzerland, Iran, Cambodia, Vietnam, China), monasteries(Laos, Cambodia, Thailand), an abandoned mosque(Iran), a police station(Cambodia, not as a criminal!), a catholic church(Cambodia), under an ancient pagoda(Thailand), rooms where ATM machines are kept(Hungary, Croatia, Spain)…… However, one of the most challenging locations I managed to …

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‘The Name Is Illuminated’ by Xiao Wei – Part one

I like all the places in the world, except my comfort zone. June, 2013 — “I can’t stay in my quiet and stifling lab anymore, dealing with DNA and cancer cells. Biomedical research is my interest, but never my passion. I have experienced enough to realize that my heart is on the road, in the vast world and with those chaotic …

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