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Cultural traditions and an Asian female solo traveler

Sarah’s story: Often times, it’s hard for me to explain to others that I had to sacrifice many things, including family, in order to take hold of my own life and travel around the world.  Though my parents are not very traditional, their traditional upbringing, thoughts, and dreams still sometimes suppress who I really am: a Nomad. At four years old, my …

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‘Marrakech’ by Ali Hussain

Marrakesh, Marrakech, however you spell it. So many spellbound by it, its souks, its splendour,  its overwhelming orangeness – I don’t have a clue regards its beauty as I arrive somewhere on its outskirts with the sun starting to fall. ‘Casablanca’, what with the association of a famous Hollywood movie, has a romantic twang to it but in reality is …

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