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‘Roaming Oz – Part 1: Hitching’ by Emmanuel Marshall

…Yuuri is much cuter looking than me, so I get her to stick her thumb out, and sure enough she gets us a ride in about three minutes. The lady who stops for us is taking her kids home from school. “Hi, I’m Carol.  I’m not going very far, but if you don’t mind stopping off at my place on …

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‘Nomads guide to Lisbon’ by Micael Salton

I’m leaving Lisbon tomorrow, hitchhiking north to Porto. After spending 1 week here I gathered some info that may be handy for upcoming nomads. I’ll try to make it short and to the point. Busking: Lets start with moneymaker’s info. You can busk/perform on Augusta pedestrian street. You’ll find other buskers there, especially people doing street dance, and some playing …

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