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Train Black-Riding to Narvik

March 2014, Nykoping It was almost dark. I hurried to the small train station and jumped on the train for Uppsala, without buying a ticket. I must admit that even if I had had enough time, I would not have bought the ticket. I had been black-riding trains in Europe for a while and by then it had become a …

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‘Nomads guide to Lisbon’ by Micael Salton

I’m leaving Lisbon tomorrow, hitchhiking north to Porto. After spending 1 week here I gathered some info that may be handy for upcoming nomads. I’ll try to make it short and to the point. Busking: Lets start with moneymaker’s info. You can busk/perform on Augusta pedestrian street. You’ll find other buskers there, especially people doing street dance, and some playing …

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