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Paying It Forward – GoPro and pass it on: the GoldenPro project

By Rachael Golden My GoPro was my lowest moment. I was making plans to travel South-east Asia solo, push my boundaries, and I wanted terribly to collect and savour the moments which changed me as a person. In Singapore, the GoPro salesman pressured me and was forceful. I ended up overspending on the camera – by $200! At first, I felt …

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‘Roaming Oz – Part 1: Hitching’ by Emmanuel Marshall

…Yuuri is much cuter looking than me, so I get her to stick her thumb out, and sure enough she gets us a ride in about three minutes. The lady who stops for us is taking her kids home from school. “Hi, I’m Carol.  I’m not going very far, but if you don’t mind stopping off at my place on …

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