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The NOMADS Manifesto – values of a traveler

By Ali Haytch Dear traveller, wanderer, journeyman, person of the road: You’ve seen so much, within and outside yourself, and you’ve felt a change. You keep asking yourself what you’re about, to remind yourself why you keep doing what you do; why you keep moving. To effect change for the better; to be conscious of the environment; to live in …

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The Five Basic Teachings of Travel

By Rytis Gedvilas 1. Minimalism I’m fascinated by how little I need to make myself happy on the road. Some food (even if it’s just plain rice), water, a place to sleep, genuine human contact now and then. Okay, wifi and a socket for the phone. Things that we take for granted become so precious. It could seem that putting so much …

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Paying It Forward – GoPro and pass it on: the GoldenPro project

By Rachael Golden My GoPro was my lowest moment. I was making plans to travel South-east Asia solo, push my boundaries, and I wanted terribly to collect and savour the moments which changed me as a person. In Singapore, the GoPro salesman pressured me and was forceful. I ended up overspending on the camera – by $200! At first, I felt …

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